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If the in-application help files and the FAQs don’t answer your questions, head over to our Support Forum which is hosted by Cocoaforge. Posting your question, comment, bug report or feature request there will ensure that the developers see it. Using the forum also ensures that the answer will help other users as well.

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Missing A Feature? Get It Done!

Vienna is an Open Source project. That means that every single detail of its implementation is freely available. Download it, look at it and tinker around with it! Even if you are not an Objective-C programmer, you can help with user support and localizing. The developers usually hang around in the Dev Forum and welcome contributions of any kind.

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Who are we?

Vienna RSS is a free and Open Source RSS/Atom news-reader application for Mac OS X. The project was started by Steve Palmer and is currently under development by Barijaona and Josh, as well as many other volunteer contributors around the world.

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What our users say...

This is a really great app. I had been using NetNewsWire Lite for a long time, but the tabs in Vienna are just beautiful. Smart folders are infinitely handy as well.
xithor  -
This app has advanced so much in the last year. I bought NewsFire because Vienna just wasn't as streamlined to use, but since these latest releases I've abandoned NewsFire for good -- with the Condensed pane layout it seems even faster to use.
purcell  -
Simple yet highly functional, Vienna has shrugged off its old brushed-metal interface. RSS reading is a crowded field, but Vienna does just what I want, and I see no reason to play the field.
beniamiono  -